What Is Network Chiropractic Analysis?

Network spinal analysis is a very gentle approach to help the brain find where the body is storing tension and help the body learn to release tension in the bones, muscles and nerves so that people’s bodies can function better.   Not only does the body function better, but People just feel better.

How is NSA different from traditional chiropractic?

Traditional chiropractic tends to focus on the bones, and Network Spinal Analysis is a nervous system based approach.   You want to help the nervous system better coordinate the bones muscles and nerves.  Often people  have the experience that someone works on their back and some may push on a segment and it goes back in place and then within a couple days or hours it goes back out of place.  We want the whole spinal system—bones, muscles and nerves to work together and reorganize. 

Additionally, it is a lot more comfortable, there is not pain with the adjustment.  It is a soft gentle approach.  It’s perfect for someone who may be afraid of a traditional adjustment.