I have been treated by many chiropractors since my initial injuries following a car accident over 23 years ago, with varying degrees of relief. I had heard of, but never experienced Network Chiropractic, and didn’t really think it would work for my body. After more and more frequent and painful back pain over the years, and great recommendations from a couple of trusted friends, I decided to seek care from Dr. Jamie. She is exactly the healer I have been looking for and needing all these years. She is beyond gentle and caring, she is talented and intuitive. After about a month of treatments my body hasn’t felt this good in years. My posture is better, I have very little to no pain, I am gaining strength, and I have more energy. I just packed and moved my entire household – with no exacerbation of symptoms!!! I can’t recommend anyone more. Thanks Dr. Jamie!

Arrana Ashton
Orleans, MA

Dr. Nash is a true healer. Her focus is her patient. She is a bright shining star who radiates love, peace and healing energy. I have a CNS disorder with many different involuntary movements and migraine headaches, etc.; within a few visits she miraculously opened up my spine and released blocked nerves to allow my body to stand correctly, walk straighter and farther than I have in years. She AIDS in opening my breathing passages supplying more energy and releasing pain.
She, her treatments and her office are so relaxing, one really doesn’t want to leave the treatment table. Looking forward to my next visit.

Miki Ferrara
New York, New York

Dr.Jamie is very talented, caring and compassionate. I feel so calm and energized after every preventative visit.I always feel better when I walk out!

Jean Seymour
Brewster, MA