Once upon a time there was a chiropractic patient living with some minor musculoskeletal problems, nothing that would be considered a big deal. However, an x-­‐ray showed major challenges, and her nervous system readings showed significant nerve, muscular and heart rate impact. It had all been there for years, possibly even decades! The degree of deterioration she had took a long time to form, but symptoms had only recently shown up. Consider this: Take two people. One has a splinter under the fingernail and is in excruciating pain. Another person has cancer, yet has no symptoms at all. Which person do you think is worse off? Here’s the message: If you’re relying solely on the presence or absence of symptoms as the only measure of true health, you’re playing a dangerous game. Think of it this way: You make sure to get your teeth checked regularly to prevent cavities. You make sure to regularly change the oil in your car to prevent engine damage. You make sure your lawn is mowed regularly to prevent an overgrowth of weeds. PLEASE make sure your spinal alignment is also checked on a regular basis, before you feel discomfort or stress. A healthy spine is a healthy you. Taking care of your spine is not about your back or how good or bad your back feels, or whether you’re experiencing problems. It’s about how you function, how you heal, and your quality of life. Take care of your spine and take care of YOU! Immunity Boosting Green Smoothie Fill up on iron, potassium, vitamin C, antioxidants, and more with this “green” smoothie! You can even customize it with olive leaf extract or Echinacea which are great all-­‐natural immune boosters. And thanks to the blueberries, this delicious smoothie has more of a purple hue-a definite bonus for anyone (kids or adults) who are afraid of drinking something green. Ingredients 2 cups spinach, fresh 3⁄4 cup water 3⁄4 cup orange juice 1 cup strawberries 1 cup blueberries 2 bananas Instructions Blend spinach, orange juice and water until smooth. Next, add the remaining fruits and blend again. By pre-freezing at least one of your fruits, your smoothie will be extra smooth & delightfully chilly. Whether you’re dreading it or can’t wait to get started, it’s time for spring cleaning! Compare your to-­‐do list with the one featured below. Wipe walls and ceilings Vacuum and shampoo rugs Dust books and shelves Clean upholstery Dust hard-­‐to-­‐reach places Polish metal and hardware Clean window treatments & screens Take it slow and avoid injuries! Women’s History & Healthcare Women have always played a vital role when itcomes to keeping their families healthy, but the latest statistics are a powerful example of just how influential a woman can be when it comes to her family’s health. Did you know that women make 80% of the healthcare decisions in their home? Furthermore, they account for 85% of all consumer purchases (including those related to health and wellness). That’s incredible! March is Women’s History Month and we are certainly grateful for the many women who have paved the way in the field of chiropractic. We also say thank you to our female members for being a positive force for good in your families. Because of us, holistic healthcare is changing lives and bringing more joy to families! FREE “March Health Consultation” Schedule Your Friend or a Loved One For Their FREE March HEALTH Consultation-NOW! (All ages accepted, so call the office immediately!) Give this certificate to your FRIENDS & LOVED ONES during the month of March and they’ll receive a FREE Health Consultation at our office. We care about you and your loved ones and we don’t want to forget anyone, including the little ones. If you have a friend or family member that is currently not under our care, please give this certificate to them and have them call immediately. It’s FREE. The purpose of this CONSULTATION is to determine if they are a chiropractic candidate. As always, there are no guarantees we can help, but if we can, we want that chance. There is nothing more important than your HEALTH. If you need additional copies of this certificate, please call the office and we’ll send them to you or you can just pick them up at the front desk, at your next appointment. Just ask! You, your family members, and your friends are always a top priority to us. COURTESY OF: Dr. Jamie Neithold-Nash, DC One Auston Road, Unit E, East Harwich, MA 774-237-9237 “CALL NOW TO RESERVE YOUR APPOINTMENT TIME” CERTIFICATE EXPIRES on March 31, 2018

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